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Arrival & Dismissal at Riverdale

Riverdale Elementary School

143 Needham Street, Dedham, MA 02026

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Running Late?

Call us in the Main Office to let us know your student is running late.


Arrival - Drop Off - Procedures

When students arrive to school by car at Riverdale Elementary, for their safety, we have students line up with their class and enter the school together.    

For the safety of our students and staff, families driving students to school are asked to observe the designated traffic patterns for Drop-Off and Pick Up.  

**Please note that the parking lot directly adjacent to the Avery school is for faculty parking only and must NOT be used for dropping off/picking up students**

After exiting the car: 

  • Students in 3N and grades 2 & 4 will line up outside of their classrooms.
  • Students in 3J and grade 5 will line up along the side of the basketball court and the walkway near the basketball court.
  • Students in grade 1 will line up on the basketball court closest to the school building.  This will begin on day 1. 1st graders WILL NOT meet in the gym.

Even if the weather is inclement, students will still need to line up outside. Please be prepared with appropriate clothing.


Important Note:

There is no adult supervision before 8:30 am.  If you arrive with your student before this time, please wait with them in your vehicle until Riverdale Staff arrive to welcome students for the day. 

Dismissal - Pick Up - Procedures

Circle Drive Pick-Up

  • Students will be lined up on the walkway to Circle Drive.
  • Have your child’s name on a piece of paper in LARGE BOLD PRINT and place it on the dashboard.
  • Staff will load students into cars (3-4 cars at a time).
  • Please be patient and do not try to drive around a car that is in front of you.


  • 3N and grades 2 & 4 will exit from their classroom exterior door.
  • 3J and grades 1 and 5 will exit through the main entrance door ( near the flagpole).

Bus Students

  • Will report to the gymnasium and will be put on the bus by staff.

Afterschool Care Students

  • Will report to the Afterschool area outside of the gymnasium.

Walk/Ride to School


Families and students should only cross where there are crosswalks and/or where a crossing guard can safely help you across the street.